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Genetically Engineered Foods

Research by Topic: Biotechnology
National Agricultural Law Center
This website covers key biotechnology issues including the use of genetic engineering (GE) in livestock, aquaculture, and a variety of crops.  There are also resources on the issues of liability, intellectual property, and international trade as they pertain to GE.  The page also contains links to the major statutes, regulations, case law, and administrative decisions concerning biotechnology, among other resources.

A New View of U.S. Agriculture: State-by-state factsheets on top agricultural commodities, organic sales, and regulations of genetically engineered foods
Center for Food Safety
This resource provides a state-by-state guide to the top agricultural commodities, organic sales records, and genetic engineering (GE) regulations of each state, as well as information regarding federal regulation of GEs.  The resource includes links to relevant regulations.

True Food Shoppers Guide: How to Avoid Genetically Engineered Foods
Center for Food Safety
This resource serves as a guide for consumers wanting to avoid genetically engineered (GE) foods.  It provides a number of tips for shoppers, including “at-risk” ingredients and lists of GE and non-GE products in different categories, such as meat, poultry and produce.