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Risk Management and Insurance

UrbanAgLaw Topics: Liability, Risk, and Insurance
Sustainable Economies Law Center
This website provides an overview of common liability and insurance issues and questions for urban agricultural operations.  The topics covered include the types of insurance required, the amount of insurance required, and alternative methods of liability and risk protection.

Liability and Insurance – Part 5 of Legal Workshop for Community Food Enterprise
Sustainable Economies Law Center
This video gives an overview of liability and insurance issues for community food enterprises.  The video is part of a workshop series covering a variety of legal topics important for starting and running a community food enterprise.

Small Scale Food Entrepreneurship: A Technical Guide for Food Ventures
Cornell University, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station
This resource provides a broad range of information for food entrepreneurs.  Information on business and marketing matters can be found in chapter II. 

Legal Eats: Legal Resources for Food Justice Enterprises
The Sustainable Economies Law Center, East Bay Community Law Center & Students for Economic & Environmental Justice
This compressive guide addresses legal issues implicated in starting and running a food enterprise, and includes a section entitled: “FAQ on Liability, Insurance, and Risk Management for Food Enterprises & Urban Farms.”