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Marketing and Labeling

Research by Topic: Food Labeling
National Agricultural Law Center
This website provides a general overview of food labeling, including an explanation of its history and the key issues.  Additionally, the site provides a list of links to relevant statutes, regulations, administrative decisions, and case law in the area of food labeling. 

Topic: Marketing
Farmers’ Legal Action Group
This website provides, “[i]nformation and advice about marketing contracts,” farmers’ market rules, and “[a]dvice and advocacy to ensure farmers are paid in accordance with the law.”  There are links to publications covering these key issues, including Understanding Farmers’ Market Rules and Understanding Farmers’ Rights to be Paid for Fruit and Vegetable Crops.

National Organic Program
United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA-AMS)
This USDA website provides information on the National Organic Program, which is the program responsible for producing regulations and guidance on certification, production, handling, and labeling of USDA-certified organic products.

Small Scale Organics: A Guidebook for the Non-Certified Organic Grower
The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture
This resource provides information about federal regulations of organic agriculture and Organic certification.  This resource specifically addresses issues relevant to producers who follow organic practices but are not legally certified as Organic.

Guide to Legal Issues in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): The Road to the Membership Agreement
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
This resource provides an overview of legal issues faced by community supported agriculture (CSA) operations.  The topics covered include labor, membership agreements, and liability issues, among others.

Research by Topic: Marketing Orders
National Agricultural Law Center
This website provides links to federal statutes, regulations and case law pertaining to marketing orders, among others resources.