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Risk Management and Insurance

Research by Topic: Landowner Liability
National Agricultural Law Center
This website provides owners of agricultural land with an overview of “the major areas for potential landowner liability.”  The site also contains links to relevant major statutes, regulations, and case law, among other resources. 

UrbanAgLaw Topics: Liability, Risk, and Insurance
Sustainable Economies Law Center
This website provides an overview of common liability and insurance issues and questions for urban agricultural operations.  The topics covered include types of insurance required, the amount of insurance required, and alternative methods of liability and risk protection.

Farm Risk Planning: Risk Management Planning
United States Department of Agriculture, Risk Management Agency (USDA-RMA)
This website provides access to risk management planning and information and tools to help farmers “better understand areas in [their operations] where [they] might have downside risk exposure, and evaluate where [they] might have upside opportunities.”  The general topics covered include production risk, financial risk, human risk, and legal risk, among others.

Liability Protection for Food Donation
Public Health Law Center at William Mitchell College of Law
This resource “outlines liability protections at the federal and state level when donating food.”