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Land Tenure and Access

Research by Topic: Farm Leases
National Agricultural Law Center
This website provides an overview of the important aspects of agricultural leases, as well as links to publications on specific agricultural lease issues and topics.  The site also provides links to the major statutes, regulations, case law, and agency decisions on the topic.

UrbanAgLaw Topics: Land Access
Sustainable Economies Law Center
This website provides legal information, best practices, and other supporting tools for urban agriculture in the United States.  Land access topics include information on accessing public and private lands, the purposes of and best practices for urban garden land trusts, and urban farming land inventories conducted in cities around the country.

Sustainable Agriculture Land Tenure Initiative
Drake University Agricultural Law Center
This website provides landowners and farmers with four primary tools for developing “farm lease arrangements that are profitable and sustainable for the landowner, the farmer, the community, and the land.”  The four tools include a video library, The Landowners Guide, Determining Priorities, and a general reference guide.

Finding a Farm to Buy or Lease
Northeast Beginning Farmers Project at Cornell University
This website outlines the essential components of an agricultural lease, provides a simple sample lease agreement, and provides a link to a variety of other sample leases and lease templates.

Land Access and Tenure Toolshed: Alternative Tenure Options
Vermont New Farmer Project at the University of Vermont
This website provides an overview of the various land tenure and lease options available to farmers.  The options covered include community land trust and ground leases, cooperative ownership structures, and incubator arrangements.

Access to Land
Partnership for America’s New Farmers
This website provides information on the “variety of ways new farmers can access land,” and gives an overview of “the unique legal issues associated with different methods of land access.”  The methods of access covered include custom farm contracting, land sale contracting, farm lease contracting, and last will and testaments.